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Laid To Rest (Writer/Director)

Short Film (15 mins)

A curmudgeonly old man and his feckless son contrive to kill a burglar and must then contend with the one (rather large) question that every new pair of killers face in order to try and escape a very long stretch behind bars - “Where’s the last place you would look for a body?”

Starring: Pat Laffan, Aidan Crowe, Ciaran Bermingham

Produced by: Mick O'Connell & Dave Davin (Gaslight)

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Playing Dead (Director)

Feature Film

Jack, a struggling actor and identity thief receives the role of a lifetime when a reclusive millionaire commits suicide in front of him. However, upon assuming the mysterious millionaires identity, Jack soons find himself out of his depth when the man's estranged daughter and a gang of ruthless gangsters coming knocking.

Starring: Jack Lowe, Andrée Bernard, Stuart McGugan

Due for release in 2020.

Sleeper Cell (Writer/Director)

Short Film (16 mins)

London is in lock-down whilst the police search for a terrorist suspect who has escaped from a violent attack the previous evening. Meanwhile, Katy wakes up with a severe hangover and a mysterious man in her bed. Trapped inside her apartment with this stranger and her paranoid housemate Jenny, Katy begins to suspect that she may have just slept with the wanted terrorist.

Starring: Anna Astrom, Penelope Shipley, Shamir Dawood

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